Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak and Eid ul-Fitr SMS

This Eid wish your loved ones with these Eid SMS.

Eid, an auspicious celebration in the Islamic faith marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Eid or Eid ul-Fitr is an Arabic word where Eid stand for "festivity" and Fitr means "to break the fast". Eid ul-Fitr starts the day after Ramadan ends, and is verified by the sighting of the new moon.

The Muslims celebrate this day by donating money to the poor and the needy. They wear their best cloths. This festivity lasts for three days. On this day typically a Muslim family wakes up early, prays and then eats the breakfast indicating the end of Ramadan. Then they go to mosques to pray. After the prayers the worshippers embrace eachother saying Eid Mubarak to share the spirit of love and the festivity. People usually visit the house of their relatives and friends to thank God for all blessings, they spend time socializing with extended family and community, visiting the sick and offering prayers for the deceased. For those who fasted during the month of Ramadan, there is a sense of triumph and accomplishment. This holiday is so important that many Muslims in the U.S. take a day off from work or school to celebrate with their families. The air of festivity and celebration can be felt on the eve before Eid when frenzied shopping and Eid preparations are at its height. Since Eid is celebrated with gift-giving, the highly decorated shops and markets are open till late at night for last minute shoppers. On the eve before Eid, women and children get together to decorate their hands with henna, (in the south Asian subcontinent this evening is also known as "chand raat". "Chand" means moon and "raat" means night. The evening when Eid is confirmed for the following day, with the sighting of the crescent moon indicating the start of festivities). Staying up late preparing food for the next day, the whole house is a hub of activity and excitement.

Now a days people celebrating Eid usually greet eachother on this festive occasion by sending gifts, Eid Mubarak Cards, new clothes, gift cards, Eid Mubarak scraps on MySpace or Orkut etc. The Eid gifts usually consists of incense, various forms of Islamic arts and decorations, Eid Greeting Cards etc. And with modern technology it has become easier to send these gifts. Sending a gift certificate is a breeze, so is sending Eid Greetings. There are thousand of websites available on the internet through which you can send either of these. Moreover, the good news is that most of these services are free to use which has helped people worldwide. And unlike traditional mailing services, these internet services guarantees the delivery of the gift to the recipient. Some websites go as to deliver a report to the sender once the recipient has received his gifts. Even the recipient can send a gift in return.

Technology has not only helped people celebrate their festivals in a more joyous manner, it has also helped in bringing the world a lot closer. People living far away from their family, friends or relatives use technology to their aid to reach their near and dear ones.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Google on it's 10th Birthday, Happy Birthday Google

That was how Google looked on it's 9th Birthday. Today, when Google has turned 10, Google looks something like this :

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Google! To know more visit The Chronicles of R.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Susan Desiree used "mind" to communicate with Alton Desiree

Alton Desiree, a Loubiere man, who has been working with the ‘Survivors’ reality series crew, has drowned in Brazil.His wife, Susan Desiree said her husband left the island on September 9 for Brazil to continue his assignment after spending time with his family.“We had a great, great time together, we took a trip and rekindled our love to each other and I just did not want him to go when the time came…,” she said.She recalled how she cried on arrival at the Melville Hall Airport as he was preparing to leave Dominica.

“I held his hand even while he was in the departure lounge not wanting him to go…he came out giving me a hug and the went back inbut returned again before returning to board his flight,” Mrs. Desiree stated.Mrs. Desiree did not hear from him after that and began to feel uneasy.“…I had not heard from him since he left me on September 9. Now, after moving from one country to another, it would normally take them about two days to get all sorted out so by the weekend I was expecting him to call me,” Desiree noted.

“Then, I started to use my mind to communicate with him since we had over the years developed that closeness; we normally do that … and in doing so, something told me that he wanted to make contact with me but he could not … he was telling me something and I was telling him something; I was sad,” she said with a deep sigh.“I then went to bed but felt uneasy during the night and just could not sleep ... something was just not right as I struggled to fall asleep during the night. I could hardly wait for the night to be over since I was just uncomfortable,” she added.

The following day, September 15, her phone ranng and she heard the voice of an Australia woman with whom her husband worked.“I shouted, ‘Yes I’ in joy as I waited expectantly to hear his voice on the other side of the line,” she said, her voice breaking.However, Mrs. Desiree said the woman’s tone suggested something was wrong.“I said ‘you are calling about Alton?’ … and she said ‘yes.’ ‘Is he alright?’ I asked. ‘I am afraid not,’ she replied. I started to scream ‘My lady, my lady, tell me…’”

The woman the explained to Mrs. Desiree that her husband had gone under the water and his colleagues could not find him.Upon hearing the news, Mrs. Desiree started to shout and collapsed.Even after hearing the news, she hoped the woman would call again with good news. However, the woman called again an hour later saying that Mr. Desiree had been found dead.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Get Out Anya Monzikova

Anya is featuring in a photo shoot in the August 2007 issue of Stuff magazine where she has got the job of traveling around the world to some of the most exotic locations and every now and then face the camera to charm us to death with her gorgeous looks.

Anya Monzikova of Get Out! fame has lived in Russia for most of her childhood, and moved to Florida when she was 8 years old. After she graduated from high school, she moved again to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in acting. She modeled for lingerie companies, such as Trashy Lingerie, Faris, and Dreamgirl. In 2006, she became a model on NBC's hit game show, Deal or No Deal holding case #10.

Anya currently appears on the HDNet television channel as a co-host for the original program Get Out!. The show involves girls travelling the world and experiencing all that a city might have to offer. Anya is a co-host on the Belize episodes (Belize City, Cay Caulker, Goff's Cay, Seargant's Cay, Maruba Spa, and Maskall Village) and one Mexico episode (Xel-Ha). Get Out! is also hosted by Anya's fellow Deal or No Deal model Lindsay Clubine.

In 2007, Anya played the angel character from the painting "The Wounded Angel" in the music video Amaranth, the second single from Dark Passion Play, the album from the Finnish metal band Nightwish.

Want to know your Sarah Palin Name, get your own Sarah Palin baby name generator

Have you ever wondered What would your name be if you were born of Sarah Palin? Well now you can find out!

Sarah Palin has picked out an All-American set of names for her children. There's Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow, and Piper. Check out Polit for their Sarah Palin baby name generator. You can also find a lot more about Sarah Palin name generator from the articles given below.

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Go here -- new name -- and try the Sarah Palin baby name generator. You enter your name, and it spits out what your name would be if your mom was the now ...

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- Sep 23, 2008
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Just a few of the names that have been given out so far by the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator are: Hen Waffle Palin, Ladel Torque Palin, Cue Manhunt Palin ...

New York Daily News, USA
- Sep 22, 2008
- Sep 22, 2008
inspired grad student and blogger David Harrington to create the Sarah Palin Baby-Name Generator. Just punch in your moniker at www.politsk.blogspot.com. ...

CrunchGear, USA
- Sep 23, 2008
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Beauty queen turned vice-presidenial nominee Sarah Palin had her Yahoo! e-mail account broken into last week. (Who uses Yahoo! e-mail? ...

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6 hours ago
Have you ever wondered what your name would be if your parents were retarded rednecks? Well, now you can with the “Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator” brought to you from the folks of Polit Tsk Tsk Tsk. addthis_url ...
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OK, it's really stupid, but for some reason we can't stop laughing. Go here -- new name -- and try the Sarah Palin baby name generator. You enter your name, and it spits out what your name would be if...
Sep 20, 2008
This is fun. According to the generator, if I were born to Sarah Palin, my name would have been: Shaver Razorback Palin. True story — if I had been a girl, my name was going to be Barbara Bush. Yikes.

Fashion During Durga Puja in India

Festivities are important platforms for canvassing fashion trend. In case of Bengalis, the occasion is none other than Durga Puja, the four-day long traditional carnival. This year don't be surprised to find Pujapandals and community halls to be turned into fashion hubs. The four day festivity will be graced with rustling silks, embroidered dhoti-panjabi, ever graceful kantha saaris,skinny leggings, capris, shrugs and ghagroos. The shops catering to Durga Puja Fashion 2007 are teeming with the latest cuts, falls and fabrics.

Following the high-tech colour trend fluorescent colours have invaded in the world of pastel and earthen shades. These shades do not monopolise western outfits but have also invaded Bengali garments including the Saari and Punjabi. At the same time there is revival of exquisite Indian heavy artistry like zardausi and needlework or mirror work due to constant success of Indian designers in the International fashion arena. The range this year offers brilliant shades of orange, heady wines and magenta to classic black. Varied patterns, symbols, embroidery and prints give a distinctive feel of glamour.
Fashion for men has undergone great change. From the paler shades and pin stripes it has advanced towards bright lemon yellow, violet, pink and green and the strips have changed to blocks prints and floral patterns. Kurta pyjamas, sherwanis, jodhpuris and designer shirts are very much in vogue for men this Puja. The matka Kurtas are good ethnic wear and the short kurtas with embroidered necklines and hemlines are finding great buyers. Younger buyers are looking for floral or rubber motif T-shirts. Boot jeans are more in demand while trousers in black, grey and beige are also finding good buyers.

Western dresses top the list with the low waist boot cut jeans and spaghetti tops doing the rounds. Some shops have flora embroidery on the sides and patterned jeans rolled up to capri-length. Smart looking leggings in cotton rule the racks in most of the shops. Knee length, mid calf or ankle length leggings are complemented with jersies with nets and laces and strings at the hems and frock tops in flares.A-line tops, frocks with frills, shrugs in crochet, tops with plunging necklines, a deep 'V' or a 'U' are the latest trend. Skirts in variety of shades in rust, beige, creme and black ranging from silk, cotton, chiffon and crushed silk are printed, sequined and beaded.Ghagroos, flowing skirts with embroiderd or beaded waist band in crushed cotton will rule this Puja. Kurtis are still in vogue. With embroidered necklines and beaded sleeves, Kurtis with zaris and resham work are doing well in most of the shops. Salwar Kurtas this year will have western cuts with Indian embellishments in block prints and paisleys. Seqins,mirror works and beads are the embellishments much in fashion.There are sober stuff too in Khadi cotton, in rich as well as sober colours.    

Saaris are all time favourite. In bright colours, in crepe and georgette heavily sequined, they are available in saari emporiums. Kantha work on silks and tashaars are always on great demand while Balucharis, Kora silks and Dhakai Jamdanis need no intoduction among Bengalis.

Kids wear has a bevy of choice that it becomes almost difficult to make the right move. Bright coloured and cherubic, they line up in almost all the well known shops of Kolkata. Trousers are straight fits with 6 pockets accompanied with jacket or zipper shirts for boys. Younger ones will enjoy the spiderman motifed shirts. Girls have a gamut of dresses. mini skirts,umbrella skirts with lacy tops, capris, cargos, leggings are doing the rounds. traditional attire dhoti-kurta are selling like hot-cakes while ghagras with stringed and embellished tops are ruling the roost for girls.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Beautiful Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramírez (born November 8, 1979) is an actress from the Dominican Republic, most recently known for two roles on television: playing a recurring character during the last season of The Sopranos and for her current role on Heroes. Ramírez has appeared in several music videos, including Jay-Z's Streets is Watching (1998), LL Cool J's "Hush" (2005; directed by her fiancè, Jessy Terrero), and Santana's "Into the Night" (2007).

Ramírez appeared as an extra in the HBO film Subway Stories (1997), where she met filmmaker Spike Lee who later cast her in his film, She Hate Me (2004). She was Callisto, one of The Omegas, in the comic book film X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).

Ramírez appeared as the minor character Caridad in the final episodes of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and as Blanca Selgado, a recurring role during the the sixth season of The Sopranos.

Currently, Ramirez portrays the character of Maya on the TV series Heroes. Here are some more articles about this beautiful actress.

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Dose.ca, Canada
- Sep 23, 2008
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Well, except for various flashes of Kristen Bell, Ali Larter and Dania Ramirez. Anyway, to get caught up for tonight's big two-hour opener, I09's got you ...
DiversityInc.com (subscription)
- Sep 18, 2008
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By the DiversityInc staff The third season of NBC's "Heroes" kicks off with a three-hour premiere Monday, and Dominican actress Dania Ramírez is set to ...
TV.com, USA
- Sep 18, 2008
- Sep 18, 2008
We got to interview Jack Coleman and Dania Ramirez of Heroes today! We'll have the full video ready for you guys later on, but in the meantime we wanted to ...
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Actress Dania Ramírez, who plays Maya on the hit sci-fi drama returning for a third season Monday, had issues with the character, too. ...
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... Emmy Awards After Party in Los Angeles on September 21, 2008:. Dania Ramirez TV Guide Emmy Party Dania Ramirez TV Guide Emmy Party Dania Ramirez TV Guide Emmy Party. Tags: Dania Ramirez, Emmys, PartiesDania Ramirez, Emmys, Parties.
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In New York City, thanks to Maya (Dania Ramirez), Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) makes a startling breakthrough that could change the world — or just destroy his. And who is Tracy Strauss? In the shocking second chapter of "Volume 3: ...
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Dania Ramirez - Los Angeles Confidential Magazine's Pre-Emmy Party. Source:http://www.celebutopia.net/forum/showthread.php/dania-ramirez-l os-angeles-confidential-magazines-pre-emmy-88801.html.